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The Awutu-Effutu and Friends Association of Southern California was founded during the Summer of 1994 with a series of meetings by friends who hail from Winneba and Senya Beraku.  These friends, numbering about 15, felt the need to come together to discuss matters of concern common to the two towns.  They met regularly for about two years to discuss the goals and objectives of the proposed organization.  In the course of those meetings we were able to hammer out a constitution and by-Laws and a benefits package for members.


The two main goals of the association are (1) to foster togetherness among ourselves as persons from Winneba and Senya Beraku in the Diaspora and (2) to support social and economic development efforts in the twin towns of Winneba and Senya Beraku and the small towns and villages in the Winneba traditional area.   On May 24, 1996 the association was formally inaugurated with great fanfare and tremendous support from the entire Ghanaian community.  The inauguration was held at the Vision Center in the Crenshaw District in Los Angeles with the Hedzoleh Band from Northern California with Bob Pinedo as the lead vocalist.  Below are pictures of some of our events over the years.