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The 2012 congress was held at the Ayres Hotel & Suites in the city of Ontario in Southern California.  The congress was hosted by the MfantseKuw of Southern California (MoSC).  The 2014 Congress was held in Chicago, July 18 - 20.  The 2016 Congress will be held in Worcester, Massachusetts.
The Mission:  The Ewes have a national organization in the USA.  The Kwahus and the Akuapims also have their national organizations.  We, Fantes, should be able to do the same.  Various Akan slogans, such as "Dua Kor, כnnyε Kwae"; "Wonsom', Wonsom', Wכnye Nyimpa"; "Yεyε Kor a, Yegyina"; etc. all point to strength in unity.  MANA's mission states: "MANA, a non-profit organization, will unite Fante people in North America through collaboration among Fante Associations in North America and Fante leaders in Ghana.  The purpose of this relationship is to assist in the socio-cultural, educational, health and economic development of the Fante people in Ghana and elsewhere." 

The Goals:  MANA has two main goals.  The first is to bring all existing Fante organizations in the USA and Canada that are currently not part of MANA to become partners with us.  The second is to encourage all Fantes in cities and states that do not currently have formal organizations to form one and subsequently become part of MANA. 

For further information please feel free to contact Dr. Kobina Lartson, Founding President at 720.275.9222 or Dr. Charles Blankson at 909.904.6628.


What is MANA?
Mfantseman Associations of North America (MANA)
Who Are We?  MANA is an association of persons who hail from the Central and Western Regions of Ghana but are currently living in the USA and Canada.  Over the years several factors have brought many Ghanaians into the United States, Canada and Western Europe.  Ghanaians, like many Africans, have very strong family ties and regardless of where they live, these ties remain strong.  It is these strong family and community ties that have led to the formation of several ethnic associations here in the USA and Canada.  It is generally believed that there are Ghanaians in every state in the USA.  Recognizing the wide gap in income and wealth between Ghanaians in the Diaspora and those at home, those outside of Ghana have found it necessary to come together to harness their resources to help various home communities beyond the help individuals send to their respective families in Ghana. 

Our History:  MANA was formed and launched with fanfare in Denver, Colorado July 9 – 11, 2010.  It currently includes six Fante groups: Mfantsiman Association of Atlanta, Mfantsekuw of Southern California, Fanti Benevolent Society of Chicago, Mfantseman Kuw of Colorado, Mfantsiman Association of Toronto, Canada, and Mfantseman Kuw of Worcester, Massachussetts. MANA holds biennial congresses.  

TWe have two affiliates.  The first is the Mfantseman Kuw of California.  The other affiliate is the Mfantseman Associations of North America (MANA)